July 30th, 2018

In regards to listening:

“Listen to listen. Not to respond.” Two short, incomplete sentences and one complete thought equaling the best piece of advice that I have received. It is important to really listen to what someone is saying because their words are coming from a different place; somewhere internal and drenched in their perceptions of reality. You can learn an abundance of information about a person by truly listening and examining the words someone speaks.

So often we “listen” just so we can open our mouths to respond. If you really take in what someone else is saying, you will learn more. Do this more often then not.

Published by Angela Prendergast

Angela Prendergast is a 24-year-old sister, daughter, friend, lover of writing and recent college graduate. She studied English Education at Millersville University of Pennsylvania. Throughout her four years of college, she fell in love with the art of writing and the power of words. As a way to express her powerful emotions, she began privately writing prose poems in her writer's notebook. After gaining confidence and realizing that her thoughts could help others, she decided to publish her poems in a collection. In her completed book, her poems provide young adults with relatable themes in a world, categorized by highs and lows, that is constantly changing.

2 thoughts on “July 30th, 2018

  1. Such a wise complete thought that might seem common sense but is something we should strive to practice every day. Active listening can change the way we inhabit the world, and in particular how we receive information. advice, and even love from others. In a world where “getting things” is highly valued, listening is one area where learning to receive openly is a beautiful thing.

    Thank you for your words. I have only read your more recent posts thus far, but they have all been well written and I look forward to reading more.


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