When it comes to “living your best life.”

So often I hear people say that they are working on “living their best life.” I am in full agreement with the power that each individual holds over their actions and life affairs. However, most of the stories I hear about a friend living their “best life” involves some sort of isolation and a strong focus on only themselves.

Now I am a firm believer in self-love, but how can we live our best lives without serving others and remembering others needs? In my opinion, life becomes an empty shell when we focus acutely on ourselves instead of digging deeper into relationships. It seems as though, as a generation, we have become more and more self-serving and hold less obligations to serve the people whom we love most.

My question to society is, what are you going to do with your new “best self?” How are you going to impact your community and help others realize their potentials? Just some Thursday thoughts…. Much love. XoXo.

Published by Angela Prendergast

Angela Prendergast is a 24-year-old sister, daughter, friend, lover of writing and recent college graduate. She studied English Education at Millersville University of Pennsylvania. Throughout her four years of college, she fell in love with the art of writing and the power of words. As a way to express her powerful emotions, she began privately writing prose poems in her writer's notebook. After gaining confidence and realizing that her thoughts could help others, she decided to publish her poems in a collection. In her completed book, her poems provide young adults with relatable themes in a world, categorized by highs and lows, that is constantly changing.

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